The Deeper You Go the Darker It Is

This is my depression blog *TRIGER WARNING* this is where I go to get my thoughts out. My ask is always open and if you need to talk vent or maybe some advise a friend I'm always here and I follow back

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Things that make me smile

Hunter:you should move closer
Me:yes please. Like same room status
Hunter:Like me coming home from work hopping in the shower and you coming in and kissing me because you can tell I'm pissed off... like falling asleep on your chest... like cooking you breakfast with the kids on mothers day and bringing it to my gorgeous wife in bed... like sitting on the porch playing cards on a warm summer Sunday sipping iced tea and watching the kids running with the dogs on the property



Fuck this shit ……… fuck tomorrow
Too much tears not enough sorrow
I don’t know what tomorrow brings
Tomorrow doesn’t wear wedding rings
There is no hope for anything stable
So just keep yelling and screaming if you’re even able
Just don’t let tomorrow know you’re broke
And that this life is one big fucking joke

I wanna cry I wanna cut I wanna die

I feel like an attention seeking whore

I am freaken out about school and my future and I feel as though im just gonna end up a loser. …. im gonna lose my amazing gf… end up homeless. .. my head just tells me to kill myself now…..

I don’t feel good…. but the illness is all in my head

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